I’m Addicted to Photographing the Sun

Reviewing my images lately, I’ve noticed I’m getting addicted to shooting directly into the sun.  At least for me, including a celestial body in an image, whether it is the sun or the moon, adds additional interest and keeps me examining an image longer than I would have if it were not there.  In fact, when reviewing my all time favorite images, well over a third of them include either the sun or the moon!  If you follow my photography but had not noticed this trend, scroll on down!

20140111-Sage and Sunstar - w

20140117-Jackson Hole Winter Grass - w

I’ve found it is easiest to shoot the sun when it is still very low on the horizon.  In fact, so low that part of the sun is still below the horizon.  The sun is so bright, that even if only a part of the sun is above the horizon, it is plenty bright and can present a challenge to obtaining a proper exposure.  But, thanks to the digital revolution, there is no waste; I just shoot and shoot and shoot until I get an exposure I like!

20140117-Sun over the Snake - w

Although the middle two images in this post are from Grand Teton National Park, I took the first image a short drive outside Casper, Wyoming. I took the last image (below) outside my childhood hometown of Pierre, South Dakota.  If you pay attention, you can find incredible landscapes right out the back door of pretty much anywhere.

20140202-Winter Prairie Grass - w

When looking at all these images, I can’t help but remember the mad dash to get a picture pulled together before the sun rose (or set) from the horizon.  Even though I am reminded of my stress when I took the photo, hopefully you are reminded of the beauty in nature that is all around us.

Thanks for stopping in and having a quick peak!


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